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Buying Gold and Silver Bullion


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Troy Oz Grams Grains
 1        31.1  480
 0.77  24.1  371
 0.5 = 1/2  15.6  240
 0.25 = 1/4  7.78  120
 0.1 = 1/10  3.11  48
 0.05 = 1/20  1.58  24
    Silver Content Calculator
Enter the total face value and select the coin denomination for pre-1965 US coins to find the silver content.

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Welcome to Silver Dollar Finder's section on gold and silver bullion.  This page serves as an informational reference and convenient bidding tool.  On the right is a list of current precious metals prices.  Below that are several calculation tools for finding total precious metal content and market value.  The charts below list gold and silver bullion coins and their precious metals content.  The links to eBay auctions let metals buyers quickly conduct multiple searches without retyping search queries.    

Links to eBay will open in a new tab or window; simply close the tab or window when finished with it to return to this website.   Additional information on bullion coins can be found on the Bullion Information page on this website. 

  Legal: Use of this site constitutes agreement to the Terms Of Service.  Please note that sellers of items listed in auctions through the links below are independent of Silver Dollar Finder; Silver Dollar Finder and its owner(s) are not responsible in the unlikely event of a problem.

                     Gold Coins & Bullion 
 Metal Type  Purity  Gold Content*
     Troy Oz
 Gold Coins  Varies  Varies  Current / Completed
22 Karat
1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10  Current / Completed
24 Karat
 1  Current / Completed
     Maple Leafs
24 Karat
1 1/2 1/4 1/10 1/20  Current / Completed
     (S. Africa)
22 Karat
1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10  Current / Completed
 0.900 Varies  Current / Completed
 Gold Bars  Varies Varies  Current / Completed
 Gold Nuggets  Varies Varies  Current / Completed
 All Gold Bullion  Varies Varies  Current / Completed
           *Weights given above refer to gold content; total coin weight is slightly greater for 
               coins alloyed with other metals.

                     Silver Coins & Bullion 
 Metal Type  Purity  Silver Content*
    (Troy Oz)
 All Silver Bullion      Current / Completed
 Silver Coins      
     Eagles  0.999   1  Current / Completed
     Maple Leafs  0.999   1  Current / Completed
     Circ Coin Rolls
     (All denominations)
 0.900  Varies  Current / Completed 
 0.900  0.072 per coin
 3.61 per 50-coin roll
 Current / Completed
 0.900  0.181 per coin
 7.23 per 40-coin roll
 Current / Completed
 0.900  0.361 per coin
 7.23 per 20-coin roll
 Current / Completed
 0.400  0.148 per coin
 2.96 per 20-coin roll
 Current / Completed
        Silver Dollars
 0.900  0.773 per coin
 15.4 per 20-coin roll
 Current / Completed
 Bars & Rounds  Varies  Varies  Current / Completed
          *Weights given above refer to silver content; total coin weight is
             slightly greater for coins alloyed with other metals.

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